Expand even further from the metro area into the 'burbs'.  Find great success in exploring new markets and new possibilities.


Five additional properties  get onboarded, as well.

Officially start Epping LLC, opening an office in Ohio (which,  we might add, was a great value and a beautiful property – thanks to a keen eye and lots of patience).

K.P. Bilant

Managing Principal





Purchase of first rental property, sparking a passion for finding the right house for the right person as a rental.

Everyone remembers the first house / apartment / condo they moved in to – whether it was as a child with your family, as a university student with friends, or with your spouse / significant other – because where you live becomes a piece of your identity.  The memories you create are unique.


At Epping LLC, we understand the importance of that link and make sure that you're incredibly happy with your unit and its value as a tenant.  Unit owners can expect a quality tenant to occupy their properties.


By doing more than just renting you a home and working with you as a partner, we do what we can to make that succeed.

our historY

who we are

The present day – we are still out there acquiring quality rental properties and uniting quality people with quality places.


Epping, LLC

Uniting quality people and spaces


Purchase more rental property and renting to a group of very happy college students (as the homes were within biking distance of a their university).

We're always looking to expand our pool of talent. We want passionate, dedicated, affable people who love working with our clients to make their rental transition a reality. Making that deep connection with your clients is something few jobs can offer.


For your expertise, we offer:


  • Competitive compensation
  • Generous benefits
  • The prestige of working at one of the metro and suburban areas fastest-growing agencies.
  • Tutelage from experienced agents

Epping, LLC is also a dynamic workplace.  We urge you to come check us out – you'll be surprised by how un-like other offices we really are.


Independent contractors who have references for their work may contact us as well.